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'NOW in his mid-50s and carving out a career in professional photography,Contemporary Group member Nigel Tooby almost went the pro route over three decades ago.' Download and read the article: nigeltooby

Making An Exhibition Of Myself!

As an artist I often find that I see things differently – or should I rephrase that – other people tell me that I see things differently. I take a situation and I can capture it in my mind as a series of images that when brought together tell a story. My latest solo exhibition, [...]

Pushing the boundaries of what people expect of photography

I’m very fortunate that as a contemporary fine art photographer I get to experience people engaging with my work. As an example, when my most recent exhibition, ‘Of our times: the price of money’, launched I was there at the preview and was absolutely captivated by the discussions and debates that each image evoked. I [...]