New Website in Aesthetica Magazine

Nigel Tooby can now be found in the Aesthetica Directory. "UK-based Nigel Tooby is a photographer whose evolution of style now manifests itself in documentary work as well as staged images designed for specific purposes."

Harrogate International Visual Art Expo 2015 (HIVE 2015)

I am thrilled to have been invited by the Royal Photographic Society to exhibit work at this important event: Friday 20th Nov - Sunday 22nd Nov.  See:

Latest News for HIPFest 2015

The one stop blog with the latest news and updates on Nigel's journey to the Hull International Festival of Photography (HIPFest) 2015 Radio Coverage Time marker 01:52:50 Social Media Coverage James Piekos, BBC Radio Hull, (@Piekos) tweeted at 6:33 AM on Fri, Oct 02, 2015 Latest press coverage: Wakefield Express Wakefield [...]

Hull International Festival of Photography (HIPFest) 2015

Hull, City of Culture 2017 is nearly upon us.  The City of Culture bid was inspired and, having been won, was an exceptionally well deserved prize for all the hard work put in by the bid team, for the city and not least for its citizens and denizens, so my congratulations to you all. Photographically [...]

Download Article from the Contemporary Times

'NOW in his mid-50s and carving out a career in professional photography,Contemporary Group member Nigel Tooby almost went the pro route over three decades ago.' Download and read the article: nigeltooby

Making An Exhibition Of Myself!

As an artist I often find that I see things differently – or should I rephrase that – other people tell me that I see things differently. I take a situation and I can capture it in my mind as a series of images that when brought together tell a story. My latest solo exhibition, [...]

Pushing the boundaries of what people expect of photography

I’m very fortunate that as a contemporary fine art photographer I get to experience people engaging with my work. As an example, when my most recent exhibition, ‘Of our times: the price of money’, launched I was there at the preview and was absolutely captivated by the discussions and debates that each image evoked. I [...]